Informed Speculation » The Lancet Study Refuses To Die

Deepak Chopra, the ‘new-age’ guru whose radical views on the non-physical nature of physical nature (I’m not making that up) we’ve had occasion to ridicule before, is the latest to resurrect the Lancet study ’100,000 Iraqi civilians killed’ number, even after that number has been discarded by such anti-Iraq War organizations as the U.N. and Iraq Body Count. Chopra, you see, is so smart that he’s apparently only just discovered the study and feels we are equally ill-informed:

I don’t expect to influence anyone who screams his opinions, but for those who might have worried that I was casting out imaginary numbers, the following may be useful:

The original estimate that coalition forces, but primarily the U.S., may have killed 100,000 Iraqis unnecessarily appeared in the leading British medical journal, The Lancet. Links to this report are widely available at Here is one from the CBC news service in Canada.

If I may respond:

Deepak, congrats on finding the Lancet study months and months after it has been widely dissected and discarded by people who actually keep up with these matters. I’m interested in knowing why the United Nations and Iraq Body Count, two organizations in opposition to the war, would be inclined to circulate figures at 1/4 of that level. In the future, if I may be so bold, you might review the tens of thousands of posts that have related to this issue before reverting to the least credible source available.

Oh, and enjoy your weekend…