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John Kerry “won” all three debates this year, according to opinion polls (I only gave him the first one myself, but hey, I’m biased), but he still managed to lose, because he made the only debate gaffe that people remembered. I’m talking, of course, of his inexplicable and unwarranted gay-baiting comment about Dick Cheney’s daughter. […]

Thomas Bray argues that Annan was pulling for a Kerry victory and used his influence to that end by declaring the Iraq war “illegal”. Roger Simon calls for Annan’s resignation and says the UN should post its books on the Internet for all to see. The Instapundit himself calls for Annan’s replacement with Vaclav Havel […]

I’m gonna post some more links on Dan Rather because I think it’s fun to dump on him. This is a great post from Matt Welch about the ridiculous arrogance Rather displays. He takes Dan to task for believing that the $7 million plus he gets annually for reading from a teleprompter makes him some […]

Kofi Annan pronounced himself disappointed with his son today after revelations that he was paid by a firm with an Oil-For-Food contract until this February, despite previous assurances that the payments from Swiss-based Cotecna had stopped in 1999. Let’s rephrase that: Kofi Annan’s son didn’t tell his dad, in the midst of a huge international […]

Jonathan Chait has a hilarious take on the Dems and Decision 2008 that is full of great lines and insights. The column is at its funniest when it takes a look at a possible Kerry re-run (Kerry will be the subject of my 3rd candidate profile very soon), comparing “Kerry’s contribution to his own campaign […]

By far the trickiest situation facing the administration at this time is diplomacy with North Korea. Some very strange reports have been coming out of that area lately. As you undoubtably know, North Korea is of a piece with Cuba when it comes to personality cults. Far more troublesome are the reports of the horrible […]

It would appear that blogger Juan Cole, the subject of a lawsuit threat and a previous post here, has his own way with litigious threats (hat tip to Mickey Kaus). Still, I don’t feel bad for defending his rights, even if he chooses to engage in the same sad behavior. Crying “Lawsuit!” when someone strikes […]

My Thanksgiving in Vegas is over now, and I’ve made my yearly contribution to the endangered casinos of North America. Special thanks to Harrah’s for providing me with my second Royal Flush last night (the first was at Harrah’s, too). Hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Going to Vegas is like visiting another […]

Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful and safe holiday, and pleasant travelling. I am off to spend Thanksgiving in Vegas…if my hotel room has Internet access and I can blog, I will, otherwise, I’ll be back at it Monday. Don’t forget to say a prayer for our troops…

In my first post about Oil For Food, I mentioned Claudia Rosett. The scandal had been brewing slowly, but it was this April article in Commentary that first brought the issue front and center to a lot of people. There was some degree of knowledge that the program was crooked, but the scale was starting […]

It looks like Alexander may be the bomb of the year (and that’s saying something with The Alamo and Home On the Range and the other Disney stinkers this year). People are really ripping on this one (see here and here and here). Colin Farrell can be pretty likeable sometimes (see Minority Report), but he […]

Blogger Juan Cole is pretty far left, and I very seldom agree with almost anything he has to say. Still, I don’t wish to deny him the right to say it. MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute, does good work exposing the extremism of portions of the Arab media, and I recommend their web […]

PoliPundit is encouraging all conservatives to support Wictory Wednesdays, so I’m joining in. Please read his post for all the details. If you’re able to donate time or money to the cause, remember that it was only through unprecedented grass-roots efforts by Ken Mehlman and people like you that we won this convincing victory. So […]

Now that we’ve all had time to reflect on Dan Rather’s abrupt retirement announcement, it seems that more and more people see a parallel between his end and Nixon’s (hat tip to Cadmus). Roger Simons says this is “The Best Proof of the Existence of God Since St. Anselm“. Meanwhile, in the alternate universe known […]

Still wondering if Kerry gave up Ohio too soon? Well, wonder no more…. Now that Rather’s gone, can’t someone get rid of Helen Thomas? (hat tip to Dirty Harry) I’ve posted a little on Oil-For-Food. Here’s a great site with all kinds of good information on this scandal (and the hat tip here goes to […]

Dick Cheney, like the President he serves, is a lightning rod. For proof, you need look no further than the reaction to this year’s Presidential debates – liberals thought Edwards won, conservatives (including myself) thought Cheney just ran away with it. Cheney emphatically states that he won’t run in 2008, and we should probably take […]

That’s the title of U2′s new album, and it rocks. Bono would certainly not be considered a conservative by any stretch on the imagination, but he has shown a willingness to reach across the aisles. (And he didn’t campaign for John Kerry, unlike another one of my musical heroes). I have been a fan since […]

Dan Rather is leaving CBS News!!! There is no doubt in my mind that he is resigning before he is fired. After all, we still haven’t heard the results of the internal investigation of the National Guard document fiasco, and let’s face it, even if you’re a fan, Rather’s credibility is shot after his steadfast […]

Racist radio talk-show host and program manager John “Sly” Sylvester says he has apologized for calling Condoleezza Rice “Aunt Jemima”, but you be the judge as to how sincere that apology is. Sylvester says he “offended many African-Americans” with his comments…hell, he offended many Americans, period. Sylvester has also called Colin Powell (you guessed it!) […]

DJ Drummond at PoliPundit is collecting JFK assassination theories from his readers – for the record, I think Oswald was a nut who acted alone… Sheer delight of the day… has named Michael Moore the coldest person in Hollywood…(hat tip to Hindrocket at Power Line) Jim Miller at THAT Liberal Media exposes how the New […]

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