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Friday, August 19th, 2005

Only a fool would accuse Christopher Hitchens of shying away from a fight…and the readers of this blog are no fools. The Hitch comes out swinging again at the Sheehan charade, first asking when some real reporters might make their way to Crawford, then dealing with Cindy’s easily disproved allegation that her ‘my son died for Israel’ e-mail was doctored.

That’s all just the warmup, though, to Hitchens’ real point: what happens if Cindy Sheehan gets what she wants? What if we just up and left Iraq?

…[T]he consequences of such a capitulation would be for the people of Iraq. Paint your own mental picture of a country that was already almost beyond rescue in 2003, as it is handed back to an alliance of homicidal Baathists and Bin-Ladenists. Comfort yourself, if that’s the way you think, with the idea that such people are only nasty because Bush made them so. Intone the Sheehan mantra—repeated this very week—that terrorism is no problem because after all Bush is the leading terrorist in the world. See if that cheers you up. Try it on your friends. Live with it, if you are ready to live with the consequences of what you desire.

This is an argument, about a real war, that deserves moral seriousness on all sides. Flippancy and light-mindedness have no place. Cindy Sheehan’s cheerleader Michael Moore has compared the “insurgents” in Iraq to the American minutemen and Founding Fathers. Do I taunt him for not volunteering to fight himself in such a noble cause? Of course I do not. That would be a low and sly blow. Do I say that he is spouting fascistic nonsense? Of course I do. Is Cindy Sheehan exempt from any verdict on her wacko opinions because of her bereavement? I would say that she is not. Has she been led into a false position by eager cynics who have sacrificed nothing and who would happily surrender unconditionally to the worst enemy that currently faces civilization? That’s for her to clarify.If I ever run for office, I want Christopher Hitchens to be my entire cabinet plus my Press Secretary (an offer he would no doubt wisely refuse…even Hitchens doesn’t drink that much)…

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