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Friday, August 19th, 2005

Pointing to the results of the latest Daily Kos straw poll (with Wesley Clark solidly in first, followed by Russ Feingold), the Kos himself informs us that this shows the radical fire-breathing Kossacks to be…well, his words:

Problem is, Feingold [sic] still only at 16 percent, not exactly a ringing netroots endorsement for his bold Iraq stance.

If we were a single-issue or ideology-driven community, Feingold would be running away with this thing. He’s unequivically against the war, cast the lone vote against the Patriot Act, and is the only true progressive in the current mix. And he can only muster 16 percent?

My thesis still holds. We are not an ideological community. We’re a practical one.

Ahem…well, yes, Markos…practical. That explains your oh-so-practical worship of Howard Dean, the non-ideological pragmatist. Of course, it fits in perfectly with your 0-for-13 showing in elections by candidates you explicitly raise money for (practical, but unelectable?).

Of course, we know much, much better…Markos and his band are among the most blindingly hateful, partisan, and vicious attack dogs in all of politics. If Wesley Clark has the support of almost a third of these guys, you can put a fork in him…he may make the headlines, but he doesn’t have a prayer of getting the nomination, much less the Presidency.

Then there is this gem:

In case anyone is wondering about Clark’s rise in support in July — it was an issue of wording the question. I made clear in that post that neither Dean nor Gore would be running in 2008, hence the movement from “no freakin’ clue” and “other” to Clark.

Notice the wording: I made it clear. I – Markos – made it clear. Did you bother checking with either Mr. Dean or Mr. Gore before making that clear? Do you not know that politicians are notorious for denying interest in races they later enter?

Here is the level of Kossack support for Bayh and Warner, the two candidates that the truly practical Democrat would be most likely to support (did someone say Lieberman? Ha!):

Warner: 3%
Bayh: 1%

Thus, this weekend, I will correspondingly raise the odds on both of them; if Kos and his pals are this opposed to them, they have a legitimate shot at going the distance…

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  1. too many steves Says:

    Lordy, Lordy, Lordy! So, in 2000 it was because the GOP cheated. In 2004 it was because the message just wasn’t framed properly. And now, in a preview for 2008 I suppose, it will be because they aren’t a single-issue or ideology driven community. Isn’t that a variation on the “nuanced” theme?

    How do you spell that laughing thingy? Is it:


    If it were fiction no one would believe it.

  2. utron Says:

    A while back, Patrick Ruffini looked at one of these straw polls and noted that the results bore no resemblance–none–to the results of non-web Democratic polls. One the Republican side, OTOH, the results of web and non-web polls were pretty similar. The two main differences were that the politics junkies on the web showed a little more enthusiasm for Condi Rice, and a lot less enthusiasm for John McCain.

    (Here’s the link to Ruffini’s post:

    The Dems’ internet community is a highly unrepresentative sliver of the party, but they drive the larger party’s agenda to a huge degree. It’s probably too much to hope that any Republican will be facing Clark in ‘08, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him do at least well as Dean, if not better, and shape the party’s message to a greater extent than Dean did. Watching the new, moderate Hillary struggle to cope with that, both pre- and post-convention, might actually be fun.

  3. Sean P Says:

    Making fun of Markos “Screw ‘Em” Moulitsas is all good (and I can’t resist myself), but there is something important to note with this poll.

    While embracing Clark doesn’t mean that the Kossaks are embracing their most electable candidate, it DOES mean they are embracing the guy they THINK is their most electable candidate. And if the Kossaks are willing to do this, the more practical Democrats are guaranteed to do so — except in their case they may actually have a better idea as to who really is electable.

    All the more reason for the Republicans to be VERY careful to pick their most electable candidate.

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