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Dick Cheney, like the President he serves, is a lightning rod. For proof, you need look no further than the reaction to this year’s Presidential debates – liberals thought Edwards won, conservatives (including myself) thought Cheney just ran away with it. Cheney emphatically states that he won’t run in 2008, and we should probably take him at his word. Still, never say never.

Richard B. Cheney

Official Biographical Site

A highly unlikely combination here

Resume: Served in the Nixon, Ford, Bush 41, and Bush 43 administrations; former Congressman from Wyoming; former White House Chief of Staff; former Defense Secretary; 46th Vice President of the United States

Cheney has served his country well for decades, but he is a long shot among long shots for several reasons:

(1) Electability – like it not, we live in a media age, and Cheney seems to have a permanent snarl on his face (though he scored some good laughs making fun of his good looks in the Vice Presidential debate).

(2) Halliburton – I don’t think there’s any “there” there, but all the same, Cheney’s former company would drag on any potential campaign like an anchor.

(3) Most importantly, the poor guy is obviously in bad health.

Put it all together, and despite what I said above, you can just about say “Never” on this one.

Current Odds: 50-1

Update 02/06/05 2:22 p.m. central: Dick Cheney on the possibility that he will run:

“I will say just as hard as I possibly know how to say … ‘If nominated, I will not run,’ ‘If elected, I will not serve,’ or not only no, but ‘Hell no,’ ” Cheney told “Fox News Sunday,” making clear he intends to retire from politics at the end of his current term.

Put a fork in this one; it’s done.

Current Odds: 100-1

Update 03/29/05 10:00 a.m. central:

See this post…


UPDATE 07/24/2005 10:56 p.m.:

CURRENT ODDS: 40-1: see here…

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